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DC-output Module and U6 with RB12

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#1 VHD

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Posted 11 August 2013 - 03:01 PM

Greetings Labjack Community:


I had a question about how the U6 with RB-12 relay board work to power mulitple solenoids.  My current setup is a U6 with a RB-12 relay board powered by a 24VDC 2.5 A power supply.  I am controlling multiple solenoids and my DC-output modules are G40DC5 (Opto22, 5-60 VDC output @ 3 A). The solenoids are 24 V 4 watts high speed Swagelock.  My question is on the DC-output module since it is rated for an output of 3 A, will that blow my solenoid? Or do solenods have internal resistors for that 4 watts of power needed to turn on or off?  Or is there a way to specify 4 watts of power for that channel.  I am newb to electronics I'm just curious on how the U6 with RB12 works in terms of power distribution.





#2 LabJack Support

LabJack Support
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Posted 13 August 2013 - 03:25 AM

At 24 V a 4 W load will pull 167mA. So you are pretty safely in the green here.


A bit more detail: DC power (P) = V * I. So 4 W / 24 = 0.167A


A lot more detail: http://en.wikipedia..../Electric_power

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