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Function to read analog input FIO4 using python in Ubuntu

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#1 jose

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Posted 29 April 2013 - 03:18 AM

Hello All,

I am new and I would like to read analog input voltage in FIO4 using python in Ubuntu but I have not found a funtion to do it.
I am able to read AIN0 with the information provided in http://labjack.com/s...t/labjackpython

Can you help me?
Thank you very much,

#2 LabJack Support

LabJack Support
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Posted 29 April 2013 - 10:25 AM

First make sure FIO4 is set as an analog input line. This will set FIO0-4 lines to analog inputs:

d.configIO(FIOAnalog = 31) #AIN0-4 are analog inputs, 5-8 are digital (b00011111)

The following are three different ways to read the FIO4/AIN4 analog input voltage:

ainValue = d.getAIN(4)


ain4bits, = d.getFeedback(u3.AIN(4))
ainValue = d.binaryToCalibratedAnalogVoltage(ain4bits, isLowVoltage = True)


AIN4_REGISTER = 8 #Note AIN0 = 0, AIN1 = 2, AIN2 = 4, ...
ainValue = d.readRegister(AIN4_REGISTER)

Note that these were derived from the quickstart on the LabJackPython page. For documentation, which provides a list of functions, take a look at the Documentation section on the LabJackPython page.

#3 jose

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Posted 29 April 2013 - 05:17 PM

Thank you very much, I tried before some of these functions using FIO(4) instad AIN(4).

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