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EI-1040 connections

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#1 shawna

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Posted 14 March 2013 - 11:30 AM

Hi Everyone,

I am connecting an EI-1040 (1040) to a LabjackU3 (U3). The EI-1040 is connected to a Grass Force Transducer (Grass). I am replacing a LabJack LJTick Inamp with the EI-1040. The Grass was connected to a LabJack LJTick Inamp and into the U3 which worked but needed more gain.
(Grass force transducer: http://www.grasstech...cers/ft03.html)

Connections I have so far:

Grass VRef (former LJTick Vref) to 1040 Exct
Grass Gnd (former LJTcik Gnd) to 1040 Grnd
Grass in A+ (former LJTick inA+) to 1040 A+ in
Grass in A- (former LJTick inA- ) to 1040 A- in

1040 A Out to U3 AIN1
1040 +5V In to U3 VS
1040 GSA1 to 1040 +5V in
1040 GSA2 to 1040 +5V in
1040 GND In to U3 GND

1) Do these connections look correct?
2) Do I need a 10k resistor from 1040 A+ In to 1040 GND ?
3) Should I be using the LJU3 FIO's instead of the AIN's ?

Thanks for your help!

#2 LabJack Support

LabJack Support
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Posted 14 March 2013 - 12:44 PM

1. Connections look good. 2. No. The bridge excitation is referenced to ground, so the bridge output signal is already referenced to ground. 3. Depends how much signal you expect out of A Out. If it will be 0-2.4 or 0-3.6, then a low-voltage analog input is better, but beyond that range you need to use a high-voltage analog input.

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